Dentures are the ideal substitutes to fill in the gaps of your missing teeth.
They not only enhance your appearance and smile, but also help maintain good oral health.

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A reasonable option for you in the case of denture damage is to come to us and consult with us regarding your situation. We have the necessary skills to restore your broken denture to its original state.

If the teeth on your denture are not worn but the denture is loose then a reline might the option for you.

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Implant overdentures have significantly transformed the lives of denture wearers by offering them a solution that is far more comfortable and secure than conventional dentures. The implant is a titanium cylindrical post that replaces the tooth root, created by recording the position of the implants in an impression and custom making the overdenture for the patient.

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We offer both full and partial dentures to help restore your natural-looking smile. They help fill out the appearance of your face and profile.

We also provide you with the option of immediate dentures after any kind of teeth removal operation.

After taking impressions of your natural teeth, we fabricate a denture that’ll match it. We make any necessary modifications you may wish before your immediate denture is inserted

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We supply custom-made sports mouthguards with a range of features. As such, for sports teams, we are able to include the name of each of the players on their mouth-guards for easy identification.

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