MATRIX DENTAL DENTURE CLINIC is proud to be one of the most sought-after and respected names for local patients in need of denture repair and reline services.

While dentures are built to provide years of full and shining smiles, they can still fall victim to everyday wear and tear. With the sought-after denture repair services from MATRIX DENTAL DENTURE CLINIC, patients across Melbourne’s western suburbs will be able to enjoy a strong, consistent and healthy bite, as well as a complete and natural smile.

When it comes to denture repair, Point Cook, Williams Landing, Hoppers Crossing, Tarneit, Truganina, Werribee patients can find a personalised and friendly service that will get their dentures back to their shining best in no time at all.

Our compassionate team are committed to helping our patents find and maintain their own perfect smile, and to enjoy the confidence that comes with it.


A reasonable option for you in the case of denture damage is to come and consult with us regarding your denture situation. MATRIX DENTAL DENTURE CLINIC has the necessary skills to restore your broken denture to its original state.

Dentures are often victims of fractures due to accidental falls that may cause serious to minor fissures. Over the years, dentures inevitably become weaker, and are more prone to damage and breakage. Whether it is tooth replacement or cracks, we take up any kind of denture reparation.

No matter what the issue may be, our qualified dental staff will work with you to find a solution that will provide long-term results.



«Restoring your broken denture to its natural state»

broken denture

Relining and rebasing are done to improve the accuracy of the fit of your denture on your gums and ridges.

There are basically two types of relining methods:

  • Hard reline is a tough material that lasts longer (the original material the denture was made out of).
  • Soft reline is a permanent soft material placed in the denture to increase comfort. (This material generally needs to be replaced every 2 years).
  • Tissue conditioning treatment gives temporary grip on your dentures, while allowing your gums to recover from their injuries.

Our relining service ensures that your dentures always fit comfortably, while supporting the structure of your jaw and face and allowing you to speak and eat as you normally would. No set of dentures should ever cause the patients discomfort, but even custom-fitted partial and full dentures can require adjustments as the shape and structure of our face naturally changes as we age.

Denture Repair in Werribee

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«Professional relining and rebasing of your dentures»